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AGED 18+? Yes


IN-GAME CHARACTERS: Emily invited me. She plays Laurel and Cami.


NAME: Steve Rogers

CANON: Marvel Cinematic Universe

CANON POINT: after his call drops to Peggy in The First Avenger




PERSONALITY: Steve Rogers is the guy trying to do the right thing. He does his best to stand up for the weak even when he was among them. He does not tolerate disrespecting those who are trying to serve the greater good. Where Steve runs into trouble is his stubbornness. He is so determined to do whatever he perceives to be right that he can be blind to the needs of those closest to him. For example, he ruins Bucky’s last night with him by chasing a lead to get him enlisted in the Army in the middle of their double date. Not the nicest thing to do to your best friend! 
Nevertheless, he is still a kind, loyal man. He goes after said best friend even when all signs point to him being dead. He does it and everything else with a dry sense of humor. For example, he tells the men he is rescuing in the First Avenger that he’s Captain America before the name has any meaning whatsoever. He knows he has absolutely zero business conducting this rescue mission so why not take a little jab at the dancing monkey in the middle of it? 
He is also someone holding a great deal of anger beneath the surface. Steve is someone who comes from absolutely nothing and was treated poorly for it. While he tries to hold back once he becomes Captain America, it does not change the fact that anger is still there. He just knows how to point it in the right direction. He is also the kind of guy who struggles with shades of gray. He will make a poor decision like joining SHIELD just because he can’t see another way to help.

Tl;dr: Cares a lot about people, ready to fight bad guys.

INVENTORY: Original Captain America outfit, shield, and compass.




Jun. 26th, 2016 05:52 pm
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 Please send all your IC letters to Steve here!!
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Hugging/Touching - Okay! Steve may be a little stuff or awkward though.
Kissing - You should probably ask unless you want Steve to freeze up completely like a frightened bunny.
Flirting - Totally cool.
Fighting - Yes, but let's talk it out OOCly.
Injuring - Yes, but again let's talk.
Killing - Not in game, no.


Slow/Backtagging - Huge yes. This is my preferred style of playing.
Fourth-walling: to the extent that he is a superhero known as Captain America.
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 The important thing to know here is that Steve is starting off with -30 points because that is his life in a nutshell. Everything else will be added as needed.
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NAME: Rose
AGE: 27
CONTACT: mothering on dw


TYPE: Canon
NAME: Steven Grant Rogers (Captain America)
AGE: 95
MOTIVATION: What motivates Steve in canon is people and his morality. Steve tries very hard to be a good man. He defines a good man as being one who is compassionate for his fellow beings and defends the weak. All his actions can be tied back to this need to protect everyone even at the cost of his life and happiness.

HISTORY: MCU history

Steve is a selfless man for good and ill. As mentioned in the motivation section, he cares a great deal about people. No action becomes unthinkable as long as the only person to suffer is him. This is made plain in every movie featuring Steve Rogers. The First Avenger and Winter Soldier both show that Steve is willing to give up his life for the sake of others. Avengers and Age of Ultron show Captain America is willing to put aside his feelings and trauma to deal with the threat at hand.

Of course it is not entirely selfless. As Bucky points out, Steve does have something to prove. He will defend the little guy even when he is him, but it is also to show that he can. Steve desperately wants to matter. A part of why the HYDRA reveal wounded him so badly was knowing that his sacrifice to save the world failed. His enemies used his absence to grow stronger than ever. He gave up his life and future for what felt like essentially nothing.

While one would think these tragedies would make Steve bitter, he still remains a kind man. It is displayed clearly in nearly all his relationships. One of the best examples is with Wanda Maximoff in Civil War. She is shown to be guilty over an honest, tragic mistake. He wastes no time comforting her by validating her feelings of guilt while taking responsibility for what happened at the same time. It is through this relationship we also see his capacity for empathy and forgiveness. They met as enemies with Wanda attacking him physically and later using his deepest fears against him. Despite this, he never vilified Wanda or her twin and tried to understand where they were coming from in the situation.

He is by no means perfect. Steve can be incredibly stubborn and often thinks he is right to the point of arrogance. While we know from a meta perspective that Steve is right about the world being safest with the Avengers moving freely, it is crazy to assume this group of people would always be right in that world. It also has been proven to be wrong in the case of Ultron. When Steve believes a course of action is the right one, he will stop at nothing to see it through. That is essentially what Civil War is about. Freedom of choice and respecting human rights are two causes so precious to Steve that he will burn bridges and ruin his reputation to preserve everyone’s ability to decide for themselves when they will fight and who for.

He also tends to be very critical of others even as he tries to understand them. Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff spend much of the Winter Soldier on the receiving end of Steve’s judgment. He calls into question their ability to be trusted repeatedly. While he does realize by the end that both of them are trying to do their best, it does not negate the fact that it took a while to get to that point. He remains constantly critical of Tony too, but that’s another story.

To briefly touch on it, we must recognize the fact that Steve carries a great deal of anger inside from everything that happened to him before and after he was given the serum. Most of the time he manages to bury it after becoming Captain America. He has responsibilities so he can no longer lash out the way he did before. His enemies and ironically even allies like Natasha, Fury, and Tony can bring it to the surface. As stated above, Steve likes to feel that he matters, wants others to be treated with respect, and generally have them be safe. Whenever he feels that these things are at risk, there is a chance that he will snap. How his enemies make this happen is obvious since they are a threat to innocent people. It is his perception of his allies lack of concern for other people that can set him off. Whether or not it is correct or not, he does have a tendency to lash out verbally or in the case of Natasha physically.

It is not all serious when it comes to Steve. He does have a dry sense of humor. He is not above teasing the people he likes. This is clear from his first meeting with Sam where he uses his speed and endurance to annoy the other man repeatedly. The fact that he parrots back Natasha’s criticism of him to make her smile is another example. Steve is a serious man much of the time, but not all of it.

In conclusion, Steve is a good man, but not a perfect one. He can be judgmental and stubborn. He has a lot of anger boiling beneath the surface waiting for an escape. He is also very empathetic and kind. He does genuinely care about people. That is why so many are willing to follow him. He uses his abilities for their benefit. The last person he ever thinks of is himself. It is not healthy, but it is Steve.

- Steve has an education up to the college-level. He attended an art school for two years after high school, but had to stop due to the war.
- He also has basic training through the U.S. Army and later training from SHIELD. As a result, his fighting style went from blunt force to refrained and graceful style most SHIELD (good) agents employ.
- He is also known for being a strategist. This is mostly due to his creative problem solving that has been present since before the serum. See: the flag incident in the First Avenger.
- The serum amplifies his whole body to the peak of human abilities. He is as strong as a person can be. One could say as fast except King T’Challa clearly has him beat in that department. He also has enhanced senses presumably, but it is not touched upon in the movies to my recollection other than his partial deafness being fixed by the serum.
- He also appears to have an excellent memory since he can recreate a map just by looking at it once in the First Avenger.
- The serum also allows him to heal as fast as a person can. That and stubborn determination are what allow Steve to keep moving even while facing life threatening injuries.
- He defies the laws of physics with his shield.

NERFING: I will accept the -30 points penalty assuming I understood the rules about Steve’s abilities being considered powers correctly.
INVENTORY: Captain America uniform, shield, and compass.

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So Steve has been in two games at this point and developed a ton as a result. I'm dumping threads here I think are especially relevant to who Steve is currently. Also the ones that make me cry. Blame [personal profile] brokeharlem for this happening. These will be in no particular order fyi. Feel free to suggest things you feel are worthy of being collected here. Odds are I agree, but I can't find it.

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In response to those rare times posts hit over 5000, something needs to be retconned into an existing timeline, or anything else, comment here with a starter/continuation and I will get back to you.

Relevant to [community profile] teleios at the moment. Memes or psls are also welcome here.
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Yep. Finally trying this!!!


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Suggestions on how to improve? Need to get in touch? Have pretty gifs of Chris Evans? Feel free to drop them here. I even screened them to make it easier for you?
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